Welcome to Magill Road Medical Centre (MRMC)

MRMC strives to offer a fresh and innovative approach to general health with high standard of care and focus on preventative medicine and wellbeing.

  • Family centred care.

  • Newborn and paediatrics health.

  • Women's health, pap smear, antenatal check and postnatal follow up.

  • Childhood immunisation.

  • Minor trauma and sports medicine.

  • Minor surgical procedures, implanon insertion and removal.

  • Men’s health.

  • Sexual and reproductive health.

  • Travel immunisation

  • GP management plans and team care arrangements (for patients with chronic and complex problems).

  • 45-49 year old health assessments.

  • Annual over 75 health assessments.


  • Please call 08 8332 6388 to make an appointment. Alternatively you could book an appointment online via magillmedical.com.au (Click “BOOKING REQUEST”, then click“Book appointment”).

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and choice of practitioner. If there are no vacancies with your usual GP, you will be offered the option of seeing another doctor. If you require an urgent appointment or have a sick child, please advise the reception staff who will organise a same day appointment.

  • Standard appointment time is 15 minutes. If you require a longer appointment, please ask the receptionist for a double appointment. Longer appointments may be necessary if you are a new patient, have a list of issues, have forms that need to be completed or require a minor surgical procedure. You may contact your doctor by phone during normal opening hours. The receptionist will take your call initially and relay your request to the doctor. The doctor will return your call at their earliest convenience, usually within 24 hours. If you have an urgent matter please notify this to the receptionist.


  • Magill Road Medical Centre’s after hours care is provided by National Home Doctor Service Adelaide. Please contact them on 137425. For emergencies, dial “000” immediately.


  • Home visits are available for registered patients of Magill Road Medical Centre whose condition prevents them from attending the practice. Unless urgent, home visits will be undertaken outside of consulting times.


  • Discussion of test results is best done at a follow up appointment with your GP. Please allow several days for routine pathology results to be processed. Urgent tests are usually available within 24 hours.


  • All Medicare card holders and DVA patients are bulk-billed.

  • Private consultation fees are applied for non-medicare card holders.


  • If you are unable to attend for a scheduled appointment, please contact us to cancel or change your appointment time. A fee* ($10) will be charged for failure to attend or cancellation at short notice. This fee is to ensure valuable appointment times are not wasted and we can maximise GP availability and access for our patients. * This fee is not Medicare rebatable.


  • Our practice encourages patients to give feedback to the Doctors, Practice Nurses, Reception staff and Practice Manager. This can be verbally in person or over the phone, in writing using our feedback form available from reception, or electronically using the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website (www.magillmedical.com). Patients providing feedback will be contacted by phone or in writing to confirm receipt of their feedback and provide details of measures that will be taken to address any concerns raised. A plan for follow-up contact will also be given to the patient, if necessary.

Magill Road Medical Center
预约电话:8332 6388
- 七天开业
- 提供中英双语服务
- 夜间急诊转接上门南澳出诊医生
- 诊所中心内设有化验抽血室,方便体验。

  • All Medicare card holder and DVA patients are bulk-billed for Medicare items.

  • Private consultation fees are applied for non-medicare card holders.

    - 提供全科服务
    - 妇女生育产前检查,产后检查
    - 妇科宫颈涂片,乳腺癌筛查,妇科疾病,妇女更年期综合症
    - 新生儿体检,养育咨询,生长发育检查
    - 儿童预防免疫接种
    - 外科小手术,皮肤癌切除
    - 老年疾病,儿科疾病
    - 慢性病的管理治疗

    诚信 专业 友好 

    周一至周五:0830am - 18:30pm
    周六,周日:09:00am - 1600pm
    欢迎预约:8332 6388
    Dr.Marie Ma(马医生),Dr.kim Sun (孙医生)and Dr.Da Zheng (郑医生),Dr. Li He (何医生),DR. FRANCES WONG

    562 Magill Road
    Magill,SA 5072