Dr. Kim Sun


Dr Sun graduated from Shandong medical university in China in 1985, migrated to Australia in 1992. Completed PhD in Immunology at the University of Adelaide in 1997. Clinically trained at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Women's and Children's Hospital and obtained the fellowship at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2003.  Worked as GP and GP Obstetrician in Berri, Murray Bridge, Norwood and Mt Barker. Special interests in general medicine, obstetrics, skin cancers and rashes, sport medicine and paediatrics.

Dr Sun has special training in Obstetrics and obtained Diploma from the Royal Australian and New Zealand  College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2000.  He currently hold the post of GP obstetrician at the Mt Barker hospital performing normal and assisted deliveries and cesarean sections.

He is a GP training supervisor and examiner for the RACGP.

孙启玉, 1985年山东医科大学医学学士,1988年内科硕士, 1992年移居澳洲,1997年阿德莱德大学医学博士。 在皇家阿德莱德和儿童医院临床培训。 2003年获皇家全科医师协会会员资格。先后在Berri, Murray Bridge, Norwood 和 Mt Barker 做全科医生兼产科医生。 目前仍在Mt Barker医院做产科医生 做正常生产,辅助生产及剖腹产手术。个人的专长有, 普通医学,产科,皮肤病及皮肤癌, 骨伤的治疗,及小儿科。